What To Do After You Visit Baylor University in Waco, Texas

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Headed to Baylor University to visit or drop off your new student? After you’ve spent the day yelling “Sic ‘em bears!” at McLane Stadium, here’s a list of family fun activities to do in Waco, Texas, after you visit Baylor University so you can see all of Waco’s gems!


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Here’s your complete list of everything you can do after you visit Baylor University in Waco, Texas!


Why we love them:

Barefoot Outfitters offers the best place for trendy, collegiate clothes and accessories. A close drive from Baylor’s campus, this spot is a great place for Baylor merch. Whether it’s sweatshirts, car accessories, purses, game-day apparel, and more, this is a sure way to support the Bears!



Why we love them:

The Baylor bear habitat houses Baylor University’s live mascot, Lady, a North American Black Bear, maintained and cared for by the Baylor Chamber of Commerce.



Why we love them: Waco’s natural science and cultural history museum. Plus a discovery center that encourages hands-on learning for all ages as well as a Historic Village. Perfect for all ages! Check out our video on Instagram!

Why we love them:  A 52-acre natural habitat zoo located within Cameron Park filled with lush native vegetation that surrounds splashing waterfalls, a picturesque lake, and ponds. They also have a family movie night!


Why we love them: Paleontological site and museum with fossils of 24 Columbian mammoths and other mammals from the Pleistocene Epoch that have been uncovered.



Why we love them: A 16-person pedal bike party bus with a u-shaped bar top provides a great communal, group activity for any locals or visitors to enjoy. Reservations required! 


Why we love them: Best fried everything in Waco, Texas. Located close to Baylor University. Good, Southern home cooking with an emphasis on Cajun-style cuisine.



Why we love them: A dining experience with views overlooking McLane Stadium and downtown Waco.



Why we love them: A home-grown, family-owned and -operated pizza place near Baylor’s Campus with one of the biggest covered patios in town, a high-quality unfussy menu. 

Why we love them: New York-style, delicious pizza made completely from scratch. You can’t go wrong with Slow Rise Slice House.


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