7 of the Top Places to Thrift Shop in Waco, Texas

Are you looking for the best places to thrift shop in Waco, Texas? You’ll find just that in the list below! To make these Waco thrift shops even better, it supports a good cause when you make a purchase at some of the listed shops. 


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Here’s 7 of the Top Places to Thrift Shop in Waco, Texas

Why We Love Them: You can find a combination of new and used clothing items, shoes, and much more at Amelia’s Fashion Exchange. Not to mention the clothing items are so neatly organized by color and size, so it’s always easy to find exactly what you’re looking for without digging through piles of irrelevant things.


Why We Love Them: There’s always a great selection of name-brand clothing, and you can find new things each time you visit. Most of the items are in excellent condition, yet they’re still listed for a fair price. Plus, the staff is friendly and accommodating when you ask questions, which always makes for an incredible shopping experience. 

Why We Love Them: You can find a wide selection of things, including men’s and women’s clothing, items for your home, jewelry, and more. You’re almost guaranteed to find a new treasure every time you visit. To top it all off, the store is extremely clean and organized, and the staff is super sweet. 


Why We Love Them: The store is packed with great items, and there are always new things to find. However, what makes it one of the best is that when you purchase from the Heart of Texas Goodwill, it’s supporting a cause. Finding great items and giving back is a win-win.

Why We Love Them: There are many good quality items to choose from at Mission Wavo Clothesline. They also have unique weekly sales: Wild Card Wednesday, where you can draw a card to see what discount you’ll receive, and Flash Sale Friday. When you make a purchase, the money supports their addiction recovery project.

Why We Love Them: Smarty Pants has an enormous selection of kids’ and maternity clothing. When you bring your children’s gently used clothing to sell, you receive a store credit once they’ve sold it to use for new items. So as quickly as children outgrow clothing, you can save tons of money by shopping at this shop. 


Why We Love Them: There are always plenty of options for used kids’ clothes that are still in excellent condition. It’s also pretty common to find clothing that still has the original tag. It’s also a wonderful place for finding a deal on baby items, including furniture. 

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