Get to Know The Cove, Teen Nurturing Center

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Diamond Kuykendall is a young adult who spent her senior year at The Cove. The Cove provides support to high school youth (14-18 years old) who are experiencing homelessness and housing instability. The Cove became a safe haven for Diamond during a difficult transition to a new area and housing situation. 

While attending The Cove, Diamond went on trips such as the Cameron Park Zoo, the Dr. Pepper Museum, and Hawaiian Falls. The staff members were there for her every step of the way, and Diamond explains that the Cove reminded her that she is worthy of unconditional love, even if she was unable to return the kindness shown to her. In 2019-20, a total of 111,411 youth in public schools were recorded as homeless, with over 15,000 having no parent or guardian present to help them. 

The Cove’s mission is to provide these youth in the Heart of Texas with a safe, nurturing environment where they can thrive and gain stability, hope, and connection. To do this, The Cove delivers evening programming, daytime school-based outreach, and a drop-in service. Cove youth have access to a daily hot meal, tutors, a washer and dryer, a shower, one- on-one support, transportation, and more. 

For each individual served by The Cove, staff work to ensure that they have a safe place to stay every night. When The Cove connected Diamond with tutoring services, she was able to catch up on the learning needed to pass her classes and graduate successfully. Resources, connections, and opportunities like this allowed Diamond to jump-start adulthood and kept her coming back to The Cove post-graduation to update them on her life and progress. Lessons are learned and lives are changed at The Cove, and Diamond is just one person whose life has been transformed within its walls.

The Cove is doing amazing things here in Waco!

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