Meet Sheryl Victorian, Police Chief

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Chief Sheryl D. Victorian, Ph.D. is a native Texan with a special love for her family, two dogs, and the Wizard of Oz. She is the first female and African American police chief in Waco. While she has only been with the Waco community for a year and a half, she has nearly 30 years of prior experience.

Her dream to enter the police force began with the airing of the television show Miami Vice. While on duty, she carries her handgun, and off-duty, Chief Victorian can be seen sporting her classy handbag. We took a peek into her purse and found that her most-used items are her reading glasses, lip moisturizer, and her wallet. But among the wipes, lipstick, and earphones, she notes that her purse is full of items that can be used as weapons to help women protect themselves, like pens, keys, and tweezers. 

“Attackers do not fight fair, and I do not expect any woman who is being victimized to either. Use the items on the most sensitive areas of the attacker, beginning with the eyes, and other places on the face, chest, and of course, the groin.” While it is never a bad idea to carry mace, be sure to use it downwind as to not immobilize yourself. 

Chief Victorian’s best advice for the Waco community is to “continue to work together to identify and solve problems within our communities.” The safety of Waco depends on the community and police partnering to solve crime. It is vital to share any information related to criminal activity.

We're grateful that Chief Victorian keeps us safe!

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