The Best Private Schools in Waco, Texas

Looking for a private school in Waco? We created a list of our favorite private schools in Waco. Check out what each school has to offer as you make your school decisions for your family!


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Here are our favorite private schools in Waco, Texas!


Why we love it: The first Classical School in Central Texas, Live Oak educates students from pre-k through 12th grade. From a Christian worldview, they strive to integrate faith and learning in meaningful ways. 


Why we love it: The core values of joy, unity, relationship, and excellence are essential parts of student life at Bishop Reicher. Serving students from age 3 through 12th grade, Bishop Reicher is consistently a Best of Waco winner. 


Why we love it: With the average class size under 18 students, Vanguard College Preparatory school is able to offer an educational experience unlike any other. The sense of unity at Vanguard is present in its diverse community of motivated learners.


Why we love it: As a University-Model School, Valor incorporates, academics, faith, and character development. The University Model follows a university-style schedule, where children in grades PK-8 are on campus 3 days a week, and students grades 9-12 are on campus 5 days a week. 


Why we love it: ECA strives to uphold high academic standards in a loving, Christian environment. Their mission is to produce graduates who will be world-changers in their adult lives.

There you have it! Our favorite private schools in Waco, Texas! Make sure to tag us on social @moderntexaslivingwaco with all your pictures!

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