Meet Lindsey Richard, School Counselor at Robinson ISD

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Lindsey Richard is a school counselor at Robinson ISD, with 12 years spent at the elementary level and 2 thus far at the high school level. Lindsey has always been inspired to help others and strives to make a difference in students’ lives, and she desires to be a part of encouraging future generations to pursue and find their passion in life. She truly enjoys seeing students grow throughout their high school career and helping guide them in deciding their future goals. The most rewarding part of the job for Lindsey is seeing the students grow, mature, and achieve their goals.

Watching a student journey through school and walk across the stage to graduate is such a unique gift, and she has found a passion in helping them develop skills that they can take with them after graduation. The most challenging aspect of her job is the increase in anxiety among students, and she works hard with them to develop positive self-talk, which can increase self-esteem and decrease anxiety, leading to an emotionally healthy child. Her main encouragement to parents at home would be to talk and listen to their kids. All children need a trusted adult in their life to share successes, struggles, fears, and questions without judgment. And the community should know how seriously educators take their jobs, because they know they are trusted with some of the most precious and important people in a family’s life. It is educators like Lindsey who truly take their job to heart that make a difference in the lives of children everywhere.

We're so thankful for all Lindsey is doing for the community!

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