Our Favorite Dog Friendly Places in Waco, Texas

Going out and exploring Waco, Texas doesn’t enTAIL you having to leave your best friend behind! Who wouldn’t want to experience life alongside your pet in all places you go? Luckily, this doesn’t have to end here in Waco! We understand how cherished dogs are in supporting us in our everyday lives and want to highlight our top spots where your pet is welcome with you. Bonus- some of these even offer special treats for your furry friend. Keep reading more at Modern Texas Living Magazine


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Why we love it: Freight is an outside bar located right off of i-35, close to Baylor University. Fun fact! It is the only bar in Waco that offers an enclosed dog park for off-leash play! Have a puppy playdate with friends and try some of their yummy drinks and food truck caters. 

Why we love it: An outside food truck park with games, a full bar, and tons of fun for everyone! Perfect to bring your dog on leash to enjoy a night out with family. Bonus- climate controlled for year-round fun. 

Why we love it: A local favorite Tex-Mex restaurant with an outdoor patio. Dog friendly as long as your pet is leashed. 


Why we love it: A southern inspired, comfort food restaurant located in Downtown. Pets are allowed on the outside patio if leashed. 


Why we love it: Outdoor patio built for a fun night out with friends and family. Dogs are welcome here on leash to enjoy the concerts and games. TV’s are available to watch and support the Baylor Bears and there are fire pits too for the colder weather. 


Why we love it: Completely outside with lots of grass, this is your dog’s new favorite place! The perfect time to eat frozen custard is all of the time! Tip- ask for a sample ice cream cone! A complimentary, mini cone for your puppy to enjoy!  

Why we love it:  Serves various kinds of tacos, nachos, and enchiladas with a full bar! Dogs are welcome on the outside patio! Great atmosphere with occasional live music, trivia night, and more. 


Why we love it: A cupcake and creamery establishment with outdoor seating for you to bring your dog. Of course, grab a cupcake (or three) for yourself, but make sure to order the pupcakes too! They come in a box of four, homemade pupcakes with pet-safe ingredients. 

Why we love it: Such a cute coffee shop to study, catch up with friends, and explore Waco. Dogs are welcome to come along with you, leashed, and sit with you and friends on the outdoor courtyard! 


Why we love it: A Waco favorite, Common Grounds next to Baylor University has the perfect outside yard for you to bring your leashed pet! Grab a coffee, tea, or pastry and make sure to ask for a small cup or whipped cream for your pup. Live music is common and offers a great ambience. 

Why we love it: A restaurant sourced on burgers, sandwiches, and salads local to Waco. They offer an outside patio and welcome all dogs outside!

Why we love it: Located in Downtown Waco, Spice Village is a collection of over 80+ boutiques ranging from pet accessories, baby, home, and knick knacks. Dog friendly!

Why we love it:  One of Waco’s most famous sites, the Silos are proud to be dog friendly! The only restrictions enforced are to have your dog leashed and to please not let your dog go to the restroom on the artificial grass. 


Why we love it: The Farmer’s Market, held every Saturday, offers a variety of vendors ranging from produce, food, accessories, and home goods. Extremely dog friendly! Vendors have water bowls out for dogs during the hot Texas weather and love to say hi to your puppies. One of our favorite shops is Audrey’s Pawstries- grab some homemade dog treats and biscuits! There are also several shops that sell dog bandanas (super cute). 

Ramble & Co.

Why we love it:  A new edition to Waco, this store sells clothing, accessories, and decor. They have outdoor seating and the beautiful entertainment room in the back! 

H.O.T. Dog Park

Why we love it: An off-leash dog park with tons of acreage to run and play! There is a smaller area for little dogs and then the main park where the majority like to play. There is a water station in the back and lots of hills, trees, and nature for your dog to enjoy. Benches are also available for visitors. Go to the H.O.T Dog Facebook to read the short list of rules and regulations before bringing your pup!

Woofway Dog Park


Why we love it: 5,000 square feet of outdoor space! This is one of the only off leash dog parks in the area. Pet parents will appreciate the comfortable chairs, picnic tables, and umbrellas.


Why we love it:  Enjoy the outdoors and bring your leashed dog along with you on the various hiking trails. There are many trails available to explore with labels for different experience levels. Your dog will love nature and will be a perfect change of scenery. Our personal favorite is Circle Point because it offers one of the BEST views of the Brazos River and the Waco skyline. 

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