Sippin’ The Southern Charm: Exploring Waco’s Best Sweet Tea

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Imagine this- a hot, summer day in Texas, and all you want is a refreshing glass of cold, sweet tea. It’s the go-to favorite in the South, loved by everyone.

Now, picture Waco- a buzzing city bursting with attractions, where the pursuit of the Best Sweet Tea is easily accesible Get ready for a delightful adventure as we uncover Waco’s local sweet tea bucketlist!

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Check out this list of the best sweet tea in Waco !

Why we love it: “Find your flavor!” HTeaO is the perfect place to customize your own tea! They have 25 flavors of tea available (sweet & unsweet) and you can mix and match to create your favorite drink! 

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The secret is out- check out the secret menu for their monthly special drink combination! Each month, they come out with a new drink of the month with a fun name & twist! They give out cute stickers (while supplies last), so you can collect them all!


Why we love it: The cutest local business! “Fresh tea, fresh perspective.” They offer a variety of hot and iced tea flavors including Black teas, Oolong teas, Herbal teas, Green teas, Wellness teas, White teas, and Chai teas. Conveniently located in Union Hall. 

Why We Love Them: “Real southern sweet tea.” Originally from Alabama, Waco is lucky enough to have them here too! Located seconds from popular destination spot, Magnolia, The Alabama Sweet Tea Company is a hit spot. They have cute apparel and accessories online, and have engraved jars to serve their sweet tea in. Keep the souvenir and sip, sip, away!

Why We Love It: Although they are known as a go-to coffee spot for many locals and tourists, Common Grounds also offers delicious iced sweet tea and hot tea. Check out their House Specialities on the menu for more info!


Why We Love It: Another well-known coffee shop, Bru also serves caffeinated and de-caff teas. All teas can be served hot or iced, and feel-free to add steamed milk to make a tea latte. Substitute sweeteners are available. Stop here and try some of their top drink combinations made with their loose leaf, organic tea!


Thank you for reading this article on the best sweet tea in Waco! We hope you loved it as much as you love sweet tea. If you check out any of these places, let us know!

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