Meet The Campbell Family

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Sarah Campbell is a local Physician Assistant, Owner and Founder of Waco Center for Functional Medicine and Natural Primary Care. She has a strong passion for family, community, faith and natural medicine. Her background in neuroscience and years of experience in family medicine, hospital medicine, and urgent care have led her to become well-established in the field of Functional Medicine. Her story is unique and inspiring as she shares how her journey of helping her own children in their health struggles led to the establishment of Waco Center for Functional Medicine, which has expanded to multiple clinics.

Her passion for natural medicine was ignited when two of her children were diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder.  She recalls a period of time that was very challenging for her family as her children never slept and struggled with frequent illness despite common medications and interventions.  This led her to seek guidance from a functional medicine provider in Austin where she saw a significant transformation in her children’s health after making diet changes and taking basic supplements. This ignited her passion to learn more about nutrition, gut health, chronic inflammation, and chronic infections. With her desire to offer this type of healthcare to the Waco community, she started seeing functional medicine patients part-time, which eventually grew to a full-time practice and even further expansion into Primary Care.

Her love for her family is evident as she talks about her husband, Raynor, and their three children, Kylar, Cade, and Kallum. She and Raynor met during their freshman year at Baylor, where Raynor was a four year letter winner playing Baylor baseball. Raynor played in the minor league system for the San Francisco GIants for a few years and is now a local Commercial Real Estate broker and an assistant coach for their sons select baseball team at Diamond Athletics. Their kids are now thriving and enjoy cheerleading, baseball, and spending time with their friends.  Raynor and Sarah love spending time outdoors with their children and cheering them on in their various extracurricular activities. The family loves the close-knit community in Waco, where they can run into people they know anywhere they go.

Sarah’s work intersects with her family life as she juggles her role as a wife, mother, and business owner.  She relates well to her patients, especially busy parents who have their own health concerns or who also have concerns about their children’s health, as she has been through similar struggles.  Her goal is to offer hope and healing to those who feel confused about their health, becoming a “medical detective” looking for the root cause of illnesses. Her favorite part of her work is getting to know her patients and allowing them to feel heard while walking alongside them in their healing journey.

Her determination, problem-solving skills, and adaptability are qualities that have helped her succeed in her position.  She also believes in using experiences that may have been difficult or challenging in her life to help others.  She is grateful for the people who have helped her along the way, including her mentors in the field of medicine and those who have supported her in her passion to help others through Functional Medicine. Her advice to future PAs is to trust their gut, ask questions, research for themselves, and most importantly, listen to their patients.

Sarah is a remarkable individual who has a deep love for her family, natural medicine and making a difference in her community. Her passion for functional medicine has offered hope and healing to the community, and her journey is inspiring and a testament to the impact that a single person can make in the world

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