Meet Krista Brinser

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Krista Brinser, Director of Community Relations at Baylor University, is a driving force in building connections between the university and the Waco community. She leads the Solid Gold Neighbor Initiative, which aims to foster a deep, mutual love between Baylor and Waco. Her and her team focus on health, education, cultural wealth, economic development, and city growth.

Krista’s day-to-day work includes supporting programs that align with city growth, such as the Waco Perks discount program, which leverages the buying power of students, faculty, and staff to support Waco’s small business community. The community relations team also collaborates with organizations such as Keep Waco Beautiful and Creative Waco to activate micro-murals and other initiatives that make Waco a distinct and fun place to live.

What makes Krista so successful in her role is her love for Waco and Baylor. As an undergraduate student at Baylor, Brinser fell in love with the architecture, old buildings, and sense of history in Waco. She returned to Baylor as a staff member, eventually becoming Director of Community Relations. Brinser hopes to help others find their own love for Waco by introducing them to the special places, events, and activities that make the city unique.

Krista describes the Baylor culture as a true family. She has felt mentored and supported by supervisors, peers, and campus partners throughout her time at the university. Her work is driven by her sense of responsibility for paving paths between the university and the city, and she is motivated by the excitement of facing something new every day and helping others find their Waco.

Outside of work, Krista is heavily involved in giving back to the community. She is President of the Junior League of Waco, an organization that empowers women to make a difference locally through voluntarism and service. Brinser also serves on the Cameron Park Zoological and Botanical Society Board.

Her openness, drive, and communication skills have helped her succeed in her position. She is an open book, and by sharing her personal experiences, she builds trust with collaborators. Krista’s advice to those starting out in the business world is to have confidence in their choices and show up authentically. Your voice is your gift, and it’s important to share it.

Krista Brinser’s dedication to building bridges between Baylor and Waco is inspiring. Through her work at Baylor, she is helping to create a city that residents are proud to call home.

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