Meet Eric Shephard

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Meet Eric Shephard, a theatre director with a passion for the arts and a dedication to his craft that will leave you in awe. He has been a vital part of the theatre community in Waco, Texas for many years, and his love for theatre started way back in grade school. His passion for theatre never wavered and he continued to pursue a career in the theatre industry.

Shephard is known for his ability to adapt to changes in the industry and the organizations he has worked for, and that’s precisely what has made him a survivor in this cut-throat industry. He has directed some truly iconic productions in Waco, and his accomplishments will leave you star-struck.

From Mamma Mia to Bright Star to Escape To Margaritaville, Mr. Shephard brings together different people from greater Waco who create their own
sense of community within each show. The little communities they create often live far beyond the run of the show. Cast members have changed career focus, formed lasting friendships, and some have even found their future spouse as a result of meeting each other in WCT productions.

The theatre industry has faced a lot of challenges in the past year, and Waco has not been an exception. But through it all, Shephard has been a beacon of hope, working tirelessly to bring quality theatre to the community despite the obstacles. He continues to bring new and exciting productions to Waco, and the community can’t get enough.

Shephard’s approach to working with actors is all about putting them in a position to succeed, by identifying their strengths and asking a lot of questions. He also encourages collaboration and creativity, fostering a sense of community among the performers, which is evident in the performances he directs.

In his opinion, theatre education plays a crucial role in the development of young people in the community. He emphasizes the importance of sharing the experience of seeing, hearing or feeling a play or musical with the audience and actors to truly understand it, and how it can bring the community together.

Shephard’s passion and dedication to the arts have made him a respected figure in the Waco theatre community and continues to inspire others to explore and appreciate the arts. If you’re in Waco, you have to catch one of his productions, you won’t regret it!

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