Meet Dr. William Nesmith

Lighthouse Pediatrics | Owner

In April, Dr. William Nesmith opened Lighthouse Pediatrics, the only pediatric concierge medicine practice in central Texas. His vision was to re-imagine holistic pediatric healthcare. 

“After eighteen years of growing a practice, I am ready to help families in a whole new way,” Nesmith said. “Through a whole-child approach, parental education and expert medical care, I will assist you in raising a child who is healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.”

At Lighthouse Pediatrics, Dr. Nesmith offers personalized, round-the-clock access and communication, extended appointment times, unlimited visits, and educational seminars with focus on mental health, preventative medicine and successful parenting strategies. The enhanced access and additional services are made possible by reducing the number of patients and creating a first-come, first-serve membership pricing structure.

“To me, it is the way medicine was meant to be practiced,” Nesmith said. “The world of medicine is more and more dictated by insurance companies with the end result being less time with patients and more unnecessary work. Our mission at Lighthouse Pediatrics is to enable parents to raise children who become the best possible version of themselves.”

Lighthouse Pediatrics helps parents protect their children from life’s inherent dangers through immunizations and home safety; guide their children as they navigate the chaos of early childhood, the social dilemmas of elementary school, and the murky waters of adolescence; and inspire dreams of success in all stages of life.

In addition to his professional expertise, Nesmith’s holistic care is shaped by his personal experience of raising two children with his wife, Dr. Kim Nesmith, as well as overcoming his own autoimmune diagnosis in 2016, which nearly left him immobile.

“I got to the point where walking was difficult. Fortunately, with the right medicine, I was able to start moving again, eventually jogging then running. I run now because I can, and I am very thankful for that ability every time I go out.”

We're so thankful for all Dr. William Nesmith is doing for the community!

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