Meet Citrano Family

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Kyle and Kayla Citrano’s story started on the 50-yard line in the stands of a TCU football game. Kyle was distracted by the game, and Kayla was not impressed by him, but they had mutual friends and continued running into each other. Eventually, Kayla had an emergency surgery, and when Kyle received the news, he panicked and professed his love. Now three kids and many years later, this family is an integral part of the Waco community. 

Kyle had grown up in Waco, and although he wanted to leave for college, he always knew he would find his way back, and he did. After Kyle graduated and worked in the food sales industry for two years, he, along with his father, Sammy Citrano, and cousin, felt like it was the right time to open a second George’s. So, Kyle and Kayla moved back – Kayla describes being ready for the challenge of another new home and building a life with Kyle as they got engaged that Summer of 2010.

They have now been happily married for 12 years, and their family is always on the move, between Kyle’s busy work schedule and the kids’ activities. Kayla spends most days running the day-to-day at the house and taking care of the kids, and Kyle’s schedule changes every week depending on the needs of the George’s location in Hewitt. Sundays are a special day for the family, and they make sure to spend quality time together since the restaurant is closed on that day. They usually go on a Shipley’s donut run, play outside, and have fun as a family.

What drives Kyle is his family – he works hard to provide for them and wants them to understand that success takes determination. The Citranos want to leave a legacy for their kids that is guided by hard work, humility, and respect for everyone. What drives Kayla is coffee and her three beautiful kids. The family loves to travel, to be outside, and to cheer on their favorite sports teams.

The Citrano family is a joy to be around, and their love for each other shines bright. Their favorite nights are when Kyle is able to be home for dinner. They sit around the dinner table as a family, debrief their day, and occasionally end the meal with a dance party. Both Kyle and Kayla would argue that the other is an incredible parent and doesn’t give themselves enough credit. They strive to maintain high expectations of themselves, each other, and their children. They have built a life in Waco that is filled with happiness, and they are such a wonderful presence in the local community.

Jorge’s Cantina is a new Mexican restaurant coming to the Waco area from the ownership group at George’s, including Kyle Citrano, Sammy Citrano, Kevin Chirafis, and Chris Cady. The community can expect what they have known George’s to be about for years – great customer service paired with high-quality food and drinks at a great value, done consistently day in and day out. The building on Franklin is being remodeled to include a patio, a “deck” area similar to the current George’s locations, a giant 40-seat U-shaped bar with 12 margarita machines, a lounge area, dedicated to-go pickup area, tortilleria, and a rotisserie. While you’ll still see a few George’s staples like Big “O”s, Chicken Fried Steak, and Crazy Wings, the rest of the menu is brand new. It will be large to appease various clientele, including Tex-Mex items like Nachos, 11-Layer Dip, Chili Con Carne Enchiladas, and authentic Mexican dishes like Ceviche, Al Pastor and Birria Tacos, Mole Barbacoa Enchiladas, and Chicken A La Brasa. The owners have left no stone unturned regarding designing a restaurant that will live up to the atmosphere created at George’s, while replicating the attention to detail when it comes to service. Most likely opening at the beginning of next year, they are excited to build upon the legacy of great family-owned Mexican restaurants in Waco.

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