Meet Brad Livingstone

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Brad Livingstone, Waco’s First Gent and husband to Baylor University’s
President Dr. Linda A. Livingstone, has made a significant impact in the
education sector, both as a teacher and as a supportive partner to his wife.
With a deep passion for history, Brad has dedicated his career to educating
students about the history of World War II and the Vietnam War.

Brad first became interested in these historical events in 1993, when five
students at Vanguard High School in Waco approached him about teaching
an elective history course. He agreed and began developing a curriculum that would soon become one of the most popular classes at the school. Brad’s passion for history education only grew stronger after a local TV station interviewed a WW2 D-Day veteran, Al Essig. The impact that
Al had on Brad’s students inspired him to reach out to other WW2 veterans, asking if they were willing to share their stories with his students. Over the years, Brad has had hundreds of WW2 veterans come into his classroom, sharing their personal experiences with the next generation. 

Brad approaches teaching history by first explaining its importance to his students. He emphasizes that history is about stories and that everyone has a story to tell. Brad strives to go to the primary sources, such as WW2 and Vietnam War veterans, so that his students can hear first-hand accounts of their experiences. He also videos many of his veteran guests, preserving their stories for future generations.

In his opinion, history education plays a critical role in the development of young people and the community as a whole. He believes that without history, nothing else matters. Understanding the experiences of those who came before us is important for guiding and directing our present and future. Brad is also in the process of writing a book about 25 of his veteran guests, and the tapes he has recorded of them have been an invaluable resource for him.

As a supportive partner to his wife, Dr. Linda A. Livingstone, Brad is actively involved on the Baylor University campus. He is a strong advocate for higher education and is dedicated to helping his wife achieve her goals and vision for the university.

He is a true advocate for history education and preserving the stories of those who came before us. His passion for teaching and his commitment to his students, as well as his support for his wife and higher education, make him a valuable member of the Waco community and an inspiration to many.

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