FUN Workout Centers in Waco, Texas

Looking to break a sweat? Whether it’s for personal growth, to get stronger, or just for fun, working out is good for the mind and soul! These are our personal top favorites for workout centers and gyms here in the Heart of Texas that are FUN. With the wide variety of workout places, we can ensure you’ll find something you enjoy!  

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Here's the best fun workout centers in Waco, Texas!

Cycle Bar

Why we love it: Cycle Bar is such a fun and engaging place to get a good workout in. With so many themed rides such as throwback songs, Taylor Swift, and MORE, it is such an effective way to burn some calories while also having fun. The instructors are all so motivating and encouraging. You can opt in to be on the leaderboards to see your score in comparison with others (not required), and you can see an extensive list of your stats sent to you after class to see your performance! Cycle Bar classes are full body workouts and not just cycling. While lifting weights, going at different tempos and speeds, this is a fast paced workout. They have workout clothing and retail up front, water stations, and showers to cool off after a class. Check out their website for more information, class times and booking, and memberships fees. FIRST CLASS IS FREE!

Hot Worx

Why we love it: Hot Worx is the best way to get a good workout in, FAST. Using infrared heat absorption in 15 or 30 minute intervals, this is a highly recommended place for efficient exercise. The virtually taught classes are good for those who may be hesitant entering their workout era and want benefits such as weight loss, stress reduction, muscle recovery, pain relief, increased calorie burn, detoxification, lowered blood pressure, cellulite reduction, anti-aging & skin rejuvenation, and improved circulation. There are various workouts including hot yoga, hot buns, hot core, hot bands, and MORE. 

Turn Up Waco

Why we love it: “Waco’s first ever, one-of-a-kind hip-hop dance fitness experience & community!!” Have you ever wanted to workout, have fun, and DANCE all at the same time? Check out Turn Up Waco. This is a new experience with extremely affordable pricing. With a welcoming and safe place for all levels of experience, this is a fun way to listen to hype music and be healthy. 

“Most gyms and studios don’t operate this way. But most aren’t doing this with a bigger vision, mission, or purpose in mind. Even fewer are owned by community organizers. As a social worker (MSW), two core values I hold are Equity/Inclusion and social justice (economic, healthcare, mental health, and more).

How that translates here is to make dance fitness classes and this beautiful TurnUp community accessible to all – especially those who have been historically and systemically marginalized in our City.” 

Pay what you can!

Why we love it: A local fan favorite of Waco, Refit is proud to be WOMAN owned and founded. 

From their website, “Angela Beeler, Catherine Ballas and Emily Field are the founders of REFIT, a locally-based and  nationally recognized fitness program.  What started as a local fitness class in 2009 has evolved into a fitness revolution with over 3300 REFIT Instructors across the globe and over 300k subscribers to the REFIT YouTube Channel.  REFIT’s mantra is “EVERYBODY BELONGS” and women of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities are finding their fit in an industry that typically excludes.”

With two different styles of classes REFIT and REV & FLO there is something for all levels. 

REFIT “Get ready for a fitness experience like no other! This cardio-focused class combines powerful moves with positive music for a challenging, effective and FUN workout.  This class is perfect for beginners and will challenge fitness enthusiasts.  Simplistic movements and upbeat music will leave you sweating, smiling, and feeling stronger – body, mind, and soul.  Bring your best hair toss and rockstar attitude – or get ready to discover both!”

REV & FLO “Rev up the heat and burn, baby, burn.  This class dials down the pace and cranks up the intensity by connecting strength, balance, and flexibility.  Repetitive movements and empowering rhythms are paired to work your entire body.  So you can expect to get strong and lean from head to toe…and leave renewed from the inside, out. Please bring a mat and 2-5 lb hand weights.”

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