Meet Casey Hooper

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Casey Hooper and her team of two other talented women, Kayleigh Cunningham and Maggie Moore, are taking Waco by storm with their decluttering expertise. The Art of Neat is their professional organizing company based in Waco that specializes in helping clients minimize, organize, and systemize spaces within their home or office.

Casey’s background is in special events and marketing, but she has always had a passion for order and creating systems that lead to a simpler and more organized life. Kayleigh and Maggie both have experience working closely with people and helping them create peaceful and sustainable solutions for their lives. The team loves collaborating on projects and helping clients see that living with less truly is more fulfilling.

While these women aim to make spaces aesthetically pleasing, their main goal is to create sustainable systems that serve clients and their families long-term. Organizing homes is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There is much more to consider when beginning a project such as budget, family aesthetics, flow of the home, and daily rhythms. The Art of Neat takes all of this into consideration when creating customized proposals.

A typical day at The Art of Neat starts several weeks before entering a home or office. Prior to arrival, the team has already completed a consultation, estimate, approval, and has purchased all products necessary for the job. On project day, the first step is taking everything out of the space and sorting by like categories. Clients are often hands-on in helping pare down and deciding what can be tossed or donated, and Casey, Maggie, and Kayleigh assist by asking the difficult questions and pushing back when appropriate. Once the space is cleared, the team helps prioritize items and organize them back into the area using bins or baskets and labeling them.

This team’s main purpose is to help make a home a space of peace, rest, and joy. They give clients the gift of time – more time spent with those they love and less time spent on their things. The most rewarding thing about their work is seeing the looks of relief, joy and peace on clients’ faces or tears in their eyes when the job is complete.

Casey, Kayleigh and Maggie hope that by using their services, clients can see and use the things they love while realizing what they have is truly enough. Their main advice for someone trying to make their way in the business world is not to be afraid of change and to give themselves and their business grace to ebb and flow as needed.

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