1. The future is here and it’s fried! We are jumping for joy over here after discovering the Air Fryer. This kitchen device allows you to fry any food item without oil, making it about 70% less fat than typical fried food. Wings, fries, zucchini strips, fish, you name it, the Air Fryer can do it!

So how does it work? There are two fans, one in the top and one below. The upper fan pushes the fats and oils through the food, the reverse fan technology in the base of the machine makes the oils air born. By circulating around the food, it is constantly being moisturized adding flavor tons of flavor with only a little actual oil.

After much consumer research, we’ve compiled a list of our top three picks and given you reasons why. We hope you found this information helpful. Happy Frying!!

TOP OF THE LINE: Phillips Advance XL Digital Airfryer from Williams Sonoma


This guy is the Mack Daddy of Air Fryers, if you will. Of course, we would except nothing less from William Sonoma. With the largest basket capacity, favorite saving settings, and a 30% faster cooking speed this one might be a pretty penny but if you are used to feeding a crowd, is probably worth it.

PRETTY IN PINK: GoWISE USA 2.75 Quart Air Fryer via Amazon

$79.99 (plus Free Shipping)

This little guy not only gets the job done and has glowing reviews but comes in the funnest colors!! Choose from Chili Red, Majestic Yellow, Mint, Plum, or Teal. A color for any kitchen with any style.

TOP RATED: Phillips Airfyer via Amazon


The original Phillips Airfyer is named the Number 1 Airfryer on the market, endorsed by Chef Ramsey and holds the spot of best reviews on Amazon. Sitting in the middle of the price point, it’s clear you can’t go wrong with this one!