Spring Trends: You’ll Want to Add to Your Closet


Super affordable and on trend, there’s a reason celebrites are wearing these and we want in on it, too.

apricot 01_сmyk_красовкиPurple Jumpsuit

COLOR. The weather is warming up and colors like lilac, pinks, and even lemon will make your mood lighten up too!


Flat-brimmed Hats

Grab a lighter shade and material for the spring. Recycle an old hat with a new hat band.


Gold Jewelry

Start with a piece that you love, add in 1-2 more starting with a choker—if needed snag an adjustor to get the right lengths.

__33333___NEW___FInal Final_cmykBand Tees

Pick your fav band or a print you love and dress up with a skirt/blazer or jeans.


Girlfriend/Boyfriend Jeans

Comfy, sexy and the most popular jeans you can buy right now. JLo, Shakira and Demi all left the Super Bowl in their favorite pair.


apricot 01_сmyk_красовкиSneakers

Not just for working out anymore. Find an all white or neutral sneaker you can wear with any print/color.

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